Dryad, Vol. 1 by Kurtis Wiebe, Justin Osterling

Rating ✨✨✨✨

Genre: graphic novel, fantasy, sci-fi, adult

Content warnings
some adult, sexy scenes were in the book and some violent fights

The cover and the art are gorgeous throughout the book. 

Where do I even start with this book.. These are not your usual medieval-fantasy elves living in a small town.. despite the fact that this is the exact setting we start with. We see Morgan and Yale trek through the wilderness with two tiny children – where they very candidly stop to change diapers. They arrive to their destination, a quaint village hidden by the woods and some ruins, where they raise their kids for the next ten or so years. We see them again when the twins, Griffon and Rana are teenagers loitering around town with their friends, pondering the possibility of magic existing in the world. A sudden attack on the town reveals the past Morgan and Yale has been hiding from their kids all their life: there is a much bigger world out there filled with technology they never even heard of.

In hopes of escaping, the family returns to the parent’s old turf and they try to salvage their life best they can while they try to hide from their past.

The setting was interesting, the typical elven medieval fantasy world mixed with sci-fi tech. I liked that the book had characters of different races just as part of natural diversity that occured in this world, without any kind of comment for cookie points. In it’s tone the story felt more on the sci-fi side for me, so I would probably recommend this to fans of sci-fi rather than fans of medieval fantasy.

Where to find:

The book on Goodreads

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