Runaways, Vol. 1: Find Your Way Home by Rainbow Rowell

I did not really know about the Runaways until the Hulu TV show dropped out of nowhere. It was amazing, I absolutely fell in love with them and after the show ended I consoled myself with the fact that there is gonna be a comic about them at least.

Rating: ✨✨✨✨

Genre: graphic novel, young adult, superheros, Marvel, LGBTQIA+

Content warnings: some superhero fights but nothing serious, character deaths mentioned

The comic is kind of a sequel to the old Runaways comics, they reference old adventures in the story and old friends. Now, in the comics they are actually more involved in Marvel business, the kids knew the Avengers and some other superheroes while the tv show was more of a stand alone.

The story is easy to pick up without reading the original comics, as I didn’t read the old run either. I was excited for Rainbow Rowell since I absolutely loved her Carry On book. Sadly, I found that I prefer her novel writings instead of comics, there is just too much narration in the comic for me. And while I love that in books, it felt out of place for me in a comic – or maybe I am just not all that used to american style comics. I wished we had more character interactions instead of things beings narrated.

Other than that the story is enjoyable and I had a lot of fun. Kris Anka’s art and character designs are wonderful especially for Nico and Karolina. The plot does pick up a better pace in the later volumes. 

I wish there was more focus on friendships and the group working together and not just on relationship drama. Nico and Karolina getting together was very sudden, Karolina barely just broke up with her girlfriend. They are my favorite pair tho so I am not gonna complain. The thing with Gert and Chase and age differences due to time travel is just weird, let them be friends and leave it at that.

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