Whisper Me A Love Song 1 by Eku Takeshima

Rating: 4 of 5 ✨✨✨✨

Genre: manga, girl’s love, LGBTQIA+, romance, slice of life

Content warnings: none

This manga is beautiful! The blurb refers to Bloom Into You, which is only the best written yuri, even lgbtqia+ manga ever, so I knew I had to read this one.

Our story starts simple, Himari is starting a new school and on her first day she and her friend go to the school concert that is held by upperclassmen. At first sight she falls for the vocalist and keeps praising her voice to her friend. Before the school day is over she accidentally bumps into the same girl in the hallway and Himari, blurting out whatever comes to her mind, immediately tells her that she fell in love with her. The upperclassman, Yori, confused, but definetely flattered tells about this to her classmates. As her classmates tease Yori whether the girl is her type she starts to let herself think about dating Himari.

Himari doesn’t waste too much time either, she learns that Yori is often practicing her singing on the rooftop so she coaxes her into letting her join and listen. As Yori confesses that she also fell for Himari at first sight, she realizes Himari fell in love.. with her perfomance, not her per say. She decides this is fine as well and vows to make Himari actually fall for her. As the two navigate this volume and grow closer, the misunderstanding between them clears up slowly and their true feelings come to light.

This was a funny and cute first volume. It was funny how oblivious Himari was, especially of her own confession. And how she managed to confuse literally everyone around her. I am glad though that the misunderstanding was cleared and I cannot wait for the next volume where they work things out between themselves. It was adorable to see these two grow closer and fangirl about cats. I hope for a quicker pace in the next volume, now that things are out in the open. Recommended for anyone who likes to read a sweet, slow paced romance.

While there are similar ideas to Bloom Into You, this manga focuses more on the two main characters and their relationship. The story is more lowkey, there are no big overarching plot points and the supporting characters remain more in the background as well.

All in all this is a very sweet story, recommended if you just want to read something light and fluffy. The art is gorgeous and full of cute blushing girls.

Huge thank you to Kodansha for providing an advanced copy in exchange of a honest review.

Where to find:

The book on Goodreads

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