January Book Haul (Or Not!)

Happy New Years! I am excited for this year. I have titles from my favorite writers coming out all throughout the year, starting with Across the Green Grass Fields by SeananMcGuire. It is the 6th book in the Wayward Children series. A new volume is published every January so it is always a little treat for myself when the year begins 🙂

I was super tempted to order it physically and will definietely do at one one point, but it is just too tempting to buy the digital version instead of fretting when it will finally get to me from the UK! Plus it is half the price now on Google Play compared to the hardcover version.

I am ordering some physical copies too though. It seems the shipping and prices didn’t change a lot at BookDepository, I do wonder how Brexit and the lockdowns will affect the shipping time. It is crazy that the UK is now considered non-EU while being in EUrope. (And according to some work info I got not even all of GB left, what a mess!)

First to order is this beauty, Making Comics by Scott McCloud. It is a legendary book for artists and also never published digitally as far as I know. I will need the physical version to be able to absord all the knowledge too.

And gosh, I had my eyes on this release years ago, To Be Or Not To Be by Ryan North. Then it went out of stock for years and I thought I’d never be able to get a copy! All this hype because this choose-your-own-adventure game lets you play as Ophelia, Hamlet or asexual Hamlet. A thing of absolute perfection.

What are you excited to read this month? Any new releases, orders or pre-orders?

There are so many things I want to pre-order this year!


Wow, okay. Forget all about that because as I was about to place my order and post this I realized BookDepository removed all EU countries from their shipping options for the time being. Well, I guess that’s that! I have no idea how to order from any other place in Europe that sells English books. At least I will still have Across the Green Grass Fields. Any recommendations?

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