How Do We Relationship? Vol. 1 by Tamifull

Thank you to VIZ Media for providing an advanced copy in exchange of a honest review.

rating: ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

genre: romance, girlโ€™s love, yuri, slice of life, manga

content warnings: some adult scenes and discussions of sex, some past scenes of implied homophobia and bullying

This title is a very cute yuri/LGBTQIA+ manga that is interested in not only telling how a couple starts dating but explores what it is like to be in a relationship.

Miwa just started college and on her first day she bumps into another student, Saeko. Saeko does not leave the best impression on her as she is quick to compliment her boobs, but despite all odds the two get along well and become friends. Miwa is shy about making friends and quiet, while Saeko is more the easygoing type. Their personalities bring out the best from both. While they are hanging out at school they decide to join a club together. Their choice falls on the music club and they go out for drinks with their future band mates. As we learn from the short intro at the beginning of the manga, Miwa is confident about liking girls but she has trouble with admitting this to others. So when Saeko asks about her dating life she doesnโ€™t tell her a lot. As it happens Miwa is super popular with their new band mates and one guy immediately asks her out. She feels really embarrassed and cornered, not sure how to say no. Saeko saves her from the situation and as the two, slightly drunk, head on home they chat a bit. Miwa asks Saeko about her own love life, since she was so nosy about hers. Saeko admits that she likes girls, which lets Miwa admit the same to her. Saeko then drunkenly suggests that the two of them should try going out, after all she finds Miwa super cute and they are already getting along well. To her surprise Miwa agrees and their relationship starts!

As the two start to navigate their relationship they learn more about each other. Saeko seems to have had a bad experience with people treating her awful due to being gay so she doesnโ€™t like to tell people about it. Miwa never really dated anyone before so it is all new for her. She also ponders a lot about whether it is all right for them to really date after a quick drunken confession, and if she is really interested in Saeko other than just-friends. I was happy that all the concerns the two have they eventually discussed, so the story wasnโ€™t burdened with drama due to miscommunication. Of course there were topics they each found harder to open up about, but I felt that this was very normal. Saeko talking about her bad past experiences felt real and I liked that her old fears were addressed and she started working it out together with Miwa.

The art is is nice, Miwa is really pretty and I like the flow of the story a lot. You can see the development of the characters and their relationships with each other. I like the supporting cast as well, their band mates are a bit chaotic but really nice people. We are also introduced to a few of Saekoโ€™s college friends and they were a nice addition. It was cute how everyone cheered their relationship on.

I recommended this to anyone who is looking for a more realistic but still very sweet story about two girls navigating a romantic relationship.

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