A Sign of Affection, Vol. 1 by Suu Morishita

I just got myself a free Comixology account and it offers 7 days of the “Unlimited membership” (for free). The first two volumes of this series are free to read in Unlimited.

Rating: ✨✨✨✨✨

Genres: manga, shoujo, romance

Content warnings: n/a

First of all, the cover is something gorgeous. It was the main reason I even gave this manga a try, as I am not one who likes shoujo all that much. My main issue with the genre is that I do not care much for insta-love as I like slow builds for romances, where I can actually understand why two characters like each other. It also really annoys me when characters barely know each other but talk about “being in love” or worse, can’t even stand each other personally but I have to believe they are in love. Like, if two people are just horny and attracted to each other please say that, just don’t try to make it seem romantic. Thankfully this book does not fall into this trope.

The art is gorgeous and the pacing is really nice, relaxed. For this particular manga the romance is very dream-like. Our protanoginst, Yuki, is a deaf college girl living a peaceful life, but I guess a rather limited one. She has a few friends in college and likes to use social media. We honestly don’t learn too much about her in this volume. One day on the way home, someone asks her for directions on the train. She tries to signal to the person that she can’t talk to him, but before she can a guy steps in and helps with the directions. They briefly talk, by Yuki typing away on her phone. She recognizes him from school, and is taken by how nice the boy is to her.

Later on we follow her as she tries to make friends with said guy, Itsuomi, and she ponders whether she like likes him or not. The manga is pretty slow paced, there isn’t too much progress made in volume one. They exchange contact, chat a few times. Luckily Yuki’s friend knows where Itsuomi works so they take the chance to chat with him there too. We learn that the guy likes to travel around a lot, and speaks a bunch of languages.

I think this was a fun and relaxing read but at this point I am afraid that this too will fall into insta-love. The two of them don’t talk all that much, but Yuki is romanticising every little minute they spend together. We don’t really learn why the guy is interested in her – is he just interested in learning sign language, is he just this relaxed about making new friends, or is he actually romantically interested in her?

I think this could be a decent love story if they actually spent more time talking and learning about each other. Their interactions are very cute, it just needs a bit more depth. I will look forward to see how things develop in the next volume.

Also, I adore the fact that Yuki’s deafness is a central thing and everyone treats her nicely. The love interest takes time to learn a few signs, we have a long time friend who is implied to only have learned signing for Yuki, other people are also very quick to adapt to her writing her responses in textbooks or on her phone. According to the mangaka she actually has a consultant who uses sign language daily and I really appreciate that effort.

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