May Book Haul

The first three were re-reads, I do love well done and sweet LGBTQIA+ titles. Bloom Into You is one of my all time favorite yuri/girls’ love manga. It is very character driven and the writing is really amazingly detailed for a manga. I feel you really do have to read all volumes to get the full picture.

Go for it Nakamura is just a super sweet shounen ai title, it shows the protagonist who is very bad at socializing trying to become friends with his crush. Unfortunately, this is only a oneshot, so there is no second volume.

Heartstopper is basically a webcomic, that got super popular and is also published as a book now. It also features a boys’ love couple who are very sweet. If you like sweet romances this is a good read, with a very light story.

Bloom Into You on Amazon (Kindle available )

Go For It Nakamura on Amazon (Kindle available)

Heartstopper on Amazon (Kindle available)

I have been waiting religiously for the release of Cherry Magic! volume 3. This is a great boys’ love series, very character focused with lots of laughs. It also has an amazing live action drama (which is even better than the manga!)

The Secret Garden is a very cute graphic novel based on the original book. It was a sweet, light read but maybe a bit too short.

Across the Green Grass Fields is the 6th book in the Wayward Children series. I adore the series a lot and I loved this book as well. Though I did feel that the adventure was possibly the tamest we had so far (and didn’t seem to connect to the overall storyline as the others did) but this one was advertised as a great introduction to the series for new readers and it definitely checked that mark while keeping the author’s usual style and priorities.

Cherry Magic on Amazon (Kindle available)

The Secret Garden on Amazon (Kindle available)

Across The Green Grass Fields on Amazon (Kindle available)

I also managed to finish Clockwork Angel from the Shadowhunter books. I admit the writing was much cleaner in this one, but I still had issues with the romances Clare writes and there didn’t seem to be a lot of character development happening in the second half of the book.

Clockwork Angel on Amazon (Kindle available)

After watching the amazing Netflix adaptation of Shadow and Bone, I of course needed to start reading the book as well. (I only read the Six of Crows duology before) The book is pretty fun and it’s nice to see where they changed things in the show to improve on Alina’s story and where they lifted dialogues and scenes from the book.

I say Alina’s story since Kaz, Inej and Jesper are not in Shadow and Bone originally, you only meet them in the Six of Crows books. As others said before the book and the characters aren’t perfect so I didn’t mind the changes done to Shadow and Bone. I just hope the screenwriters won’t change much about Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom because those are very well written. Full review to come once I finish the book.

Shadow and Bone on Amazon (Kindle available)

What have you been reading in May?

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